• Services Offered

Help with your Prescribed medicines

As well as answering queries on your medicines we can offer patients help if they are confused with many different medicines, such as drug charts, boxes for the medicines with times of the day on them etc.
NHS Scotland insists that we assess patients for suitability for a compliance aid and you can either visit the shop or have these devises provided by the shop even if you do not pass the assessment as you can pay a fee for these to be filled each week by out qualified Pharmacy staff.

Buying Over the Counter Medicines

In a registered Pharmacy you can purchase more potent medicines than are available at supermarkets and corner shops so all our staff have been trained to ask questions and get the best medicine for you, bearing in mind you may be taking prescription medicines from your doctor or dentist.
Please do tell us if you are taking herbal medicines as they can interact with normal medicines too. We do try to keep our questions to a minimum but it is best for you that you ask at the Pharmacy rather than picking something up that might not be the best solution. This is why we don't sell medicines over the internet.
If you have a housebound relative our Pharmacists are happy to discuss your situation and perhaps send a medicine by post if that is a suitable alternative to coming into the Pharmacy.

Vitamins and Supplements

All our branches carry a good range of these products and we have the GLM Romanes own brand range, which offer a good variety and value for money.

Homeopathic Medicines and Herbal Medicines

We stock Homeopathic medicines from Weleda and Nelsons as well as the Bach Flower remedies, which include the marvelous Rescue Remedy.
A range of herbal medicines such as St Johns Wort and herbal remedies to aid sleep and help stress are also available but again please tell us if you take any prescribed medicines before you purchase herbals.
The Bioforce range is a regular feature in-store and our staff have completed courses on the appropriate use of these products too. Many of the Bioforce range are fresh tinctures and work best in this liquid formulation.

Public Health Services

In order to give the local population as much help as possible we offer to take unwanted medicines back and dispose of them properly. This is a free service provided by NHS Borders.
Every year there are tragedies due to children ingesting medicines so help us to help you by bringing in any unwanted medicines to get them out of them house. All medicines should be out of reach of children and in a locked medicine cabinet is best if, for example you are on regular prescription medicines.
Our Pharmacies offer Travel Advice, if you are going on holiday and we can obtain the correct anti-malarial medicines for you as well as advice on vaccinations needed for your destination. All our branches stock insect repellents and high factor sun creams to prevent sunburn, our staff are happy to help you with the best solution for your kin type. Don't spoil your holiday by getting badly burned.